Nectar Collector with Quartz and Titanium Tip


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  • All in One Dab Unit
  • Heat Resistant Glass
  • No Dabbing Tool Needed
  • Spill Proof
  • Glass Percolator
  • Comes with Titanium Nail and Quartz Nail


This Nectar Collector comes with everything you need in your dab tool. It is glass on glass with an inline glass percolator.

There is no dabbing tool required. Simply use any of your quartz tip or titanium tip and heat it up with a torch. When it is hot enough, dab it onto your glass dab tray with the wax already in it.


Kit Includes:

  • Glass Main Chamber with Percolator
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Quartz Tip
  • Titanium Tip
  • Glass Dab Tray
  • Travel Box Case

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Weight 0.454 g