Mochi CUREjoint by West Coast Cure from Cloud Legends 420

Mochi CUREjoint by West Coast Cure


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Mochi CUREjoint by West Coast Cure



Mochi CUREjoint from West Coast Cure, now carried here at Cloud Legends 420, is an Indica forward hybrid that’s crossed two heavy hitters with deep roots in the Cookie fam’s gene pool: Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies. Mochi was originally cultivated by Sherbinski and has a tropical nose with a big flavor profile.

A direct descendant from two of the most popular strains in the past decade, Mochi has a sweet and flowery flavor profile that’s complemented by its earthy undertones and creamy finish. In addition to providing some mind-blowing flavor, connoisseurs believe Mochi is a great smoke for mitigating intractable pain and chronic insomnia.


West Coast Cure (WCC)

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