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$50 Mix and Match Bundle

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Uncover the richness of premium cannabis with our exclusive $50 Mix and Match Bundle. This handpicked selection from Enterprize Exotics and Enterprize Edibles allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds – top-tier indoor flower and gourmet edibles, all in one package, with a savings of $10.

Our Mix and Match Bundle is tailored to your unique preferences. Choose an 1/8 of your favorite strain from Enterprize Exotics, a brand celebrated for their top-shelf indoor flower since 2017. Complement your selection with a delectable $15 edible from Enterprize Edibles, where culinary artistry meets potent cannabis.

Imagine the pleasure of savoring your chosen strain, its rich flavors and potent effects setting the stage for a perfect evening. Picture the delight of indulging in a gourmet edible, each bite a fusion of taste and potency. This curated cannabis experience can be yours with our Mix and Match Bundle, and at a savings of $10.

Don’t miss this exceptional value. Step into the world of premium cannabis with our $50 Mix and Match Bundle. Choose your favorites, discover new ones, and enjoy the unmatched quality of Enterprize Exotics and Enterprize Edibles. Order now and embark on your personalized cannabis journey, all while saving money.

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1/8 Strain

Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple (GDP), Black Cherry Garlic, Lava Cake, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Cherry Pie, Garanimals, Thin Mint Cookies, Gelonade, Lazy, Gelato, Candyland, Cheetah Piss, Cherry Pie, Cookie Breath, Do-Si-Dos, Gorilla Cookies, London Pound Cake, Phantom Cookies, Platinum Cookies


320mg Sour Gummy Worms, 320mg Sour Gummy Bears, 320mg Peach Gummy rings


Enterprize Edibles

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Enterprize Exotics

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$50 Mix and Match Bundle

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