Cookie Breath

Cookie Breath


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Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 24-30%

Cookie Breath is bred together Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Forum Cut GSC, and OG Kush Breath 2.0 to create this unique purple phenotype. Cookie Breath emits the earthy, doughy aroma Cookies is known for, intermixed with notes of grape and wine. The dark nugs are coated with glittering purple trichomes said to produce purple-tinted rosin and hash. It hits with a one-two punch to the mind and body, leaving a stimulating sizzle between the ears while the body ebbs between fits of the munchies and sedative bliss. Enjoy Cookie Breath in moderation as this strain has been known to push 30% THC.

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Cookie Breath

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