​Blueberry Pancakes by West Coast Cure from Cloud Legends 420

​Blueberry Pancakes by West Coast Cure

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​Blueberry Pancakes Top Shelf Indoor Flower is now offered here at Cloud Legends 420, an Indica-leaning pheno derived from the celebrated DJ Short Blueberry strain. Sticky from ripe trichomes rather than syrup, the buds express an intense aroma of creamy blueberries, sweet grapes, and freshly baked dough. When lit, ripped, held, and exhaled, its flavor profile smacks of tart berries and cream. Like butter for the soul, these pancakes create a full-melt body high that liquefies daily stressors.  ​

35.2% THC


West Coast Cure (WCC)

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​Blueberry Pancakes by West Coast Cure

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