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Gelonade by Ember Valley


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Gelonade by Ember Valley, is now proudly offered at Cloud Legends 420.

Effects: Euphoric, Eccentric, Giggly Scent: Super citrus gas Taste: Lemon sorbet, Gas, Citrus Gelonade is a California classic heavy hitting sativa. Pioneered by Connected Cannabis, Gelonade is a cross between Gelato 41 and Lemon Tree. This sativa is a perfect combination of citrus, floral, and gas. Gelonade will leave you with a powerful flavor in your mouth. This particular strain is an award winning pheno that Ember Valley has been able to produce a great representation of.


  • 25.15% THC
  • 0.07% CBD
  • 26.42% Other Cannabinoids

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Gelonade by Ember Valley

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