Red Runtz 3.5G by Ember Valley from Cloud Legends 420

Red Runtz by Ember Valley



Exotic Genetics is best in class, and it’s strains like Red Runtz that keep them there . It is the result of a cross Red Pop (Strawberry x Cookies n’ Cream) with Runtz. She has arguably one of the most sophisticated terp profiles we have ever come across and it makes our flowering rooms smell like a candy shop. It burns smooth and bright and brings on one of the cleanest highs we have experienced. It truly encompasses exotic weed and has already become an instant classic in our stable of genetics. It tests the limits of the plant and makes you wonder how it’s still even weed. Effects: Creative, Tranquil, Inspired. Nose: Fruity Pebbles + Strawberry Poptarts Taste: Sweet Cream and Strawberries

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Red Runtz by Ember Valley

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